Tuesday, 15 November 2016

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Hi and welcome to my blog today I am sharing my writing. My writing is a narrative I have worked hard on it.

The teacher I did with it was MR M

Here it is

The wired day.

One day I was playing with my dog in my backyard and a teleporter came, suddenly something pulled us in and something said  Hi. It was a gummy bear she asked if she can come with us and we said yes so she came with us.
After about 10 minutes it got so hot
that the ultraviolet hit some metal and started the fire in the forest. The  gummy bear started panicking because it is going to melt and the fire was two meters away from her. Then about one minute later Samantha
(the talking horse)
came and said are you alright and the gummy bear said I am not right I’m and left, well no time for jokes can you get someone to save me and my friends please I don't want to melt. Ok I will go to get my owner to save you.

About 10 minutes later she came and he saved us and took us down the forest and by the time the
teleporter came we all hopped in and went all home to my house and I brought the horse from the man



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