Thursday, 26 May 2016

learning blog post

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Today I'm showing some of my learning skills. Here is my report.

Fennec Fox.

Fennec foxes are warm blooded and they live in North America,Egypt,Asia and Africa.
The Fennec Fox eat mealworms,crickets,silkworms or other insects and they drink water if available but they can also starve for a long period of time.

Fennec Foxes live in North America, Egypt, Asia, Africa. Sometimes they live in people's homes and sometimes they can also live in a burrow.

The Fennec Fox's nose are rough.They have a bushy tail. They hide at daytime and they hunt at night. They have white from it's chin down to it's tummy.

Males also become aggressive with each mating season. Fennec Fox are a sociable animal that mate for life and each pair or family has it's own territory.


Please look after the Fennec fox and do not kill them.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Learning blog post

Hi and welcome to my learning blog. Today I'm going to show you my reading task. This is my reading task. You use it to ask questions, like how can you do your 5 times tables so fast. But you use it in your reading.
This is  my ratio task 

This is my Fractions 

by Jordan B 

Monday, 9 May 2016


Hi and welcome back to my blog. Here is some of my writing.

It's better than walking the dog,
Better than winning play fights against Phil, having belly flops and playing in the streets.

It's better than having girly nights,
staying up late and having a swim at my friend's house.

It's better than spending time with my family,
sleeping at grans, fighting with my brother and going to school.

It's better than playing Minecraft,
better than watching the Simpsons and going to splash planet


This is my maths and writing prove it 

Workshop Prove It

I learnt to join 2 sentences with a conjunction

Here is an example: I went to the store. I need some milk

I went to the store because I need some milk