Friday, 8 July 2016

learning blog post

Hi and welcome to my blog. Today I am sharing some of my learning.
here is my  reading task. 

This is my cheetahs reading task and it is my house plan. The story was about a fire on a farm so we had to design our house and how we can get out if there is a fire.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

passion project blog post

                          Passion Project

Hi and welcome to my blog. Today I am sharing my passion project. A passion project is something that you like to do and that is passion. The project part is that you make it into a project and that is why it is called passion project. My passion project is about maths and my maths goes up to my 12 times table.
Here is my video.

Passion Projects Reflection

Please answer all of the following questions

Describe your passion project. What was your learning in it? What were you trying to produce?

My passion project was making a video about maths. I was learning more maths to a smarter person. I was learning my 1s to 12s times table.

How far did you get with your passion project? What would have helped you to get further? I got my passion project finished. it is awesome and now i know a lot of maths. I just have to put my passion project on my blog.

What was the most challenging part of your passion project? My most challenging part was keeping all the math in my head.

What was surprising about your passion project? That the video was ten minutes and ten second.

Did you follow your plan well? Why or why not? Yes because the video was good and the maths cards went well.

Which learning muscles did you use the most while you were working on your passion project? How did you use each one? Managing distractions when people were talking beside me and perseverance when learning is tough.

Which learning muscles did you find difficult to stretch during passion project time? Absorption because i had to make my video without being distracted.

Include a picture/embedded link to your passion project

If you were allowed to pick a new passion project, what would you choose and why? A resource about animals because  i love animals.

What was your favourite part of passion projects? Was learning more maths and having fun.