Friday, 24 November 2017

Parkvale Wahine Kapa Haka 2017

hi and welcome to my blog this is the  kapa haka girls   

Friday, 17 November 2017


hi and welcome to my blog today i am sharing my maths.
here it is


Hi and welcome to my blog. today i am shareing my writing that i did.
Here it is

Dexter the dog
Dexter is very cute, Dexter is a chocolate Labrador huntaway cross. Dexter protect  our house and he will bark at the people coming into our house and realize that they have been to our house before and stop barking
Dexter is very playful and if you run Dexter will run with you.

My Dad is very nice  he will give me $50 when he wants to. My dad will take me to smiggle when he is not busy, if I had money and I am spending it he will let me get whatever I want. I like when dad does his job and he lets me help him.

My mum is very nice and caring. I like it when my mum takes me out for lunch and dinner. My mum helps out like when we did not have many car to take kids to the scout camp.

Jimmy the cat

Jimmy is a nice cat, Jimmy will meow and say that he is coming and he wants to be let in because he is hungry.

Monday, 11 September 2017

writing blog

Welcome to my blog. would like to know how to make slime? well you can now. if you read my writing you will know.
here it is.

How to  make slime

What you will need to make it:
1 cup of glue
½ a cup of lotion
Baking soda
1 cup of hot water
Food colouring
Big and little teaspoon to  mix with
Now you can start
Step one: Add 1 cup of glue into a bowl.
Step two: Add food colouring into the glue and mix it together.
Step three: In the bowl you add one teaspoon of baking soda and mix.
Step four: Put ½ a cup of lotion in the bowl and mix that together.
Step five: Take the hot water and put one little teaspoon of borax into the hot water and mix till you can not see it and it looks like water.
Step six: Add the borax to the glue then when you put some in and it is like slime you kneed it till it is not sticky but if it is not sticky it is good.

Top Tips
If you are wanting to make more you just double the recipe you do it but you do not double the borax and hot water.

If it gets hard you put lotion in it or you can put it in hot water

You can get borax from bin in for $4.00 you can also get glue from uncle bills for $3.00

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Maths blog post

hi and welcome to my blog today i am telling you about my maths. it is how i work out ÷ using time tables

here is two show me

1 show me

2 show me

Thursday, 31 August 2017

free choice blog post about the cold poem

hi and welcome to my blog. today i am telling you about a poem. the poem was about hot and then i toned it into a cold poem

here it is
It is cold.
So freezing.
It is so freezing,
Birds freezing in flight,
Hot dogs get freezinger,
dogs nuzzle at each other’s icy coats.
It is so cold,
Fish get icicles  and freeze,
Bodybuilders get goose bumps,
Lollies lick themselves till they are brainy,
Tee-shirts go white as a cloud.
It is so freezing,
Beaches have bright colours that can blind you
The raw toes of the tide loped forward
Jordan Bainbridge-Ward

Monday, 28 August 2017

sad news

Hello and welcome to my blog. to day i am  telling you a bit of a sad story about my cat mischief. About 2 weeks ago my $950 cat mischief go hurt badly. Somebody might of kicked him or done something else  to him. When he came in side he was limping with one paw up and now he has a bit of fur missing  off of one paw. When i went to pick him up he will scratch me because i think i hurt his paw. Dads friend came round because she had a look at mischief.

Monday, 14 August 2017

my menu

hi and welcome to my blog. today i and telling you about my writing. my writing is a menu

here it is
Spooner or later    
Gold fish bites $4.00   4 pack
( yummy crunchy fish bites with mayo and tomato sauce.

Cheesey garlic bread  $2.50 +2 more 50¢
( with lots of cheese and with garlic sprinkled on top)

Crunchy chicken bites $2.90  5 pack
( with herbs and sweet and sour sauce and tomato sauce)

Scrumdidlyumptious mushroom soup $7.80 kids $3.70
( with bits of mushroom in the soup)

Deelishis leek and potato soup $5.30  kids $3.70
( with yummy bits of potato and leek)

Creamy thick tomato soup $5.30 kids $3.70
( with cream)

Chunky pumpkin soup $5.20 kids $3.70
( with yummy bits of pumpkin in the soup)

Apple pie $5.00 kids $3.70
(with very yummy bits of apple in the pie)

Hot cake $2.00 kids $2.00
( with whipped cream on the side with chocolate sauce on top)

Steamed pudding $5.00 kids $3.70
(with custard on the side)

Rice pudding $5.00 kids $3.70
( you can have chocolate or vanilla)

Apple crumble $5.50 kids $2.70
(with ice cream and whipped cream)

Chocolate Mosse $5.00 kids $3.70
( with sprinkles if wanted)

Hot fudge $4.50 kids $3.70
( with custard)

Lava cake $7.50 kids $5.50
(with red and orange custard)

Lemonade $3.50
Fanta $3.50
Raspberry & lemonade $3.50
Fanta & lemonade $3.50
Ginger bear $3.50
Coke $3.50
Water free
Orange $3.50
Orange & lemonade $3.50

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Mr Mischievous

Hi and welcome to my blog. Today I am telling you about  Mischief. He is my dads cat and his real name is Mr Mischievous. His name is Mr Mischievous because he is very naughty and one day he knocked something over and he made it rattle and before it did not rattle.  When we got him the laddie said do not play with him with your hand you have to play with a toy, Its because he has very sharp claws and he can scratch you and it might draw blood and hurt. But we play with our hands. Mischief sometimes is a lazy cat and when you walk past him he will sometimes grab onto you feet and scratch you, and if you are wearing socks he will grab on to you socks and you will pull him. 

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Quick write.

                😺😺😺  The new kitten😺😺😺

One Saturday Anika, my dad and i are going to get my new kitten. we get to have lots of yummy snacks on the way there. It is in a town called Shannon, it is going to take us 2 hours to get there and back.
I have been calling it what ever is name is. it is a Bengal is a type of cat that you can train to take it for walks on a lead and go toilet on the real toilet. to do that you just put the litter box on the toilet. my dad is going to keep what ever its name is inside because it is a rare cat in hawks bay. On the way back home we get to hold it Maybe.

save our streams

hi and welcome to my blog today i am shearing some writing.
here it is

Dear the editor.

The rivers of Hawk's Bay are beautiful.If we want the rivers to stay like that we have to keep the rivers clean.  If the river is dirty kids can not do water sports and swimming.

The litter can harm the fish and also kill the fish too.
Farmers also should make a fence around their property so the cows can’t get out and go pollute in the river.If the cows goes toilet on land the rain can also wash it into the river.
If we don’t do something soon it will get worse. There should be signs saying do not litter by the river.

Your’s faithfully Jordan Bainbridge-ward. From parkvale school.

Maori hand games

Hi. Today i am telling you about Maori hand games.
here is my reflection
Maori hand games reflection.

The first thing we did was the whai (string), It was very hard i thought i could not do it. i was not trying very hard and i gave up. But then i ask anika and she helped me do it, but the first time she showed me i did not get it and so she kept on showing me till i got it. Then one of the mans that were running the activity showed me how to do the jellyfish and on the first time i did it i mucked it up and then on the second time i did it i got it right and so i was some proud of myself i enjoyed the whai. The last activity was korouro (knucklebones). I was good at the korouro but some things i needed to practicest,  i enjoyed doing the korouro. The man showed use  3 different activity to do with the korour. One of the activity i was not that good at but at then the other two i was really good.  I keep on practising the korouro so i can get better and better at it.

click here to see me doing a video of the jelly fish using whai (sting)
click here to see me doing a video of the waka using whai (string)

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Letter to HBHS

Hi and welcome to my blog. Today I am showing you a letter to HBHS.

Here it is
Dear HBHS.

Thank you for coming to Parkvale School to perform to us. Both of your groups were AMAZING . In the Pasifika  group you had lots of personal best, respect,integrity, determination and enjoyment. Also in the Kapahaka they did their personal best, respect,integrity, determination and enjoyment. When they were performing they were all in time and it looks like you have been practicing a lot. I felt like I wanted to watch you perform all day. It was a great start to the day.

Friday, 5 May 2017

face vs toilte.

Hi and welcome to my blog today im giving you a painful story. lets go!!
 I was playing with my friend across the road and dad asked me to go home soon. when that time was up I went home and hope in the shower and the i got out. when i was getting out I slipped down.
 I went and hit my head on the toilet BOOM.   dad came in and said are you all right ??  No I lifted up my head and he said wow you need a painkiller. He call my mum and when she got here she took one look at me and said you really need to go to the doctor. When we got there we did that weird thing then sat down then after about 10 seconds my name got called and thye took a look at me and then we went to this room and then she put some ice and a cold flannel on my face.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Camp memory blog post

This is my Camp Kaitawa memories.
At camp it was so fun and a long drive up to Kaitawa.
It was scary when the bell rang at 11:30pm.  if you want to know more about that, look through the slide show for the rest of the story.
We went up to Michael Noonan's grave and we found our bell from the dinning room. if you want to know more about that look through the slide show for the rest of the story.

Friday, 3 March 2017


Hi and welcome to my blog. Today i am shearing my Waikaremoana story with you.
Here is the video of me retelling the story.

This is my comic

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Waka Art

Hi and welcome to my blog. this is my writing about my waka art.
Here is a photo of my art:
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The stars represents my family. The green star is my dad. The dark blue star is my mum. The light blue star is my brother and the purple star is me.

Above the stars is a logo which represents what we like to do. My mum and my dad like music, my brother and I both like watching tv.

The New Zealand means that is was born in New Zealand and that is my home county.

Then the heart is all the people in my family that i love.

Then the moon is for night because we like to stay up late.