Monday, 29 February 2016

My Second Blog Post

Hi it is me Jordan and I am back to tell you what I have been learning.
I have been learning to do hockey like the Indian dribble and juggling. The hockey coach was Reagan. I did a hockey reflection.  We also did some buddy stuff like Venn diagram and  buddy reading.  I did my  puzzle piece by myself. I did my favourite book, that is when you find a photo of the book then you are writing about it and you tell why it is your favourite book. We have been doing camp stuff like doing front cover. Then we glued in our time table and then we glued in the form. the front cover is about camp like the title says Rumi hub Omatua /Weka.

Friday, 12 February 2016

My First Blog Post

Hi I am Jordan. I am in room 21 this year. I am still learning to find every thing that is on my device and around the class.We have fish they are gold fish .The biggest one is called fish the other gold one is called chip and the other one is called vinegar. I have a best friend called Tylah. I have this annoying brother. He loves computer game. I have one dog and one cat.The cat hates the dog and the dog love the cat.I have a one  half brother, one sister, one full bother , step dad and a dad and mum.

Hope you enjoy my first Blog.
by Jordan