Saturday, 15 July 2017

Quick write.

                😺😺😺  The new kitten😺😺😺

One Saturday Anika, my dad and i are going to get my new kitten. we get to have lots of yummy snacks on the way there. It is in a town called Shannon, it is going to take us 2 hours to get there and back.
I have been calling it what ever is name is. it is a Bengal is a type of cat that you can train to take it for walks on a lead and go toilet on the real toilet. to do that you just put the litter box on the toilet. my dad is going to keep what ever its name is inside because it is a rare cat in hawks bay. On the way back home we get to hold it Maybe.

save our streams

hi and welcome to my blog today i am shearing some writing.
here it is

Dear the editor.

The rivers of Hawk's Bay are beautiful.If we want the rivers to stay like that we have to keep the rivers clean.  If the river is dirty kids can not do water sports and swimming.

The litter can harm the fish and also kill the fish too.
Farmers also should make a fence around their property so the cows can’t get out and go pollute in the river.If the cows goes toilet on land the rain can also wash it into the river.
If we don’t do something soon it will get worse. There should be signs saying do not litter by the river.

Your’s faithfully Jordan Bainbridge-ward. From parkvale school.

Maori hand games

Hi. Today i am telling you about Maori hand games.
here is my reflection
Maori hand games reflection.

The first thing we did was the whai (string), It was very hard i thought i could not do it. i was not trying very hard and i gave up. But then i ask anika and she helped me do it, but the first time she showed me i did not get it and so she kept on showing me till i got it. Then one of the mans that were running the activity showed me how to do the jellyfish and on the first time i did it i mucked it up and then on the second time i did it i got it right and so i was some proud of myself i enjoyed the whai. The last activity was korouro (knucklebones). I was good at the korouro but some things i needed to practicest,  i enjoyed doing the korouro. The man showed use  3 different activity to do with the korour. One of the activity i was not that good at but at then the other two i was really good.  I keep on practising the korouro so i can get better and better at it.

click here to see me doing a video of the jelly fish using whai (sting)
click here to see me doing a video of the waka using whai (string)