Friday, 17 November 2017


Hi and welcome to my blog. today i am shareing my writing that i did.
Here it is

Dexter the dog
Dexter is very cute, Dexter is a chocolate Labrador huntaway cross. Dexter protect  our house and he will bark at the people coming into our house and realize that they have been to our house before and stop barking
Dexter is very playful and if you run Dexter will run with you.

My Dad is very nice  he will give me $50 when he wants to. My dad will take me to smiggle when he is not busy, if I had money and I am spending it he will let me get whatever I want. I like when dad does his job and he lets me help him.

My mum is very nice and caring. I like it when my mum takes me out for lunch and dinner. My mum helps out like when we did not have many car to take kids to the scout camp.

Jimmy the cat

Jimmy is a nice cat, Jimmy will meow and say that he is coming and he wants to be let in because he is hungry.

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