Saturday, 15 July 2017

Maori hand games

Hi. Today i am telling you about Maori hand games.
here is my reflection
Maori hand games reflection.

The first thing we did was the whai (string), It was very hard i thought i could not do it. i was not trying very hard and i gave up. But then i ask anika and she helped me do it, but the first time she showed me i did not get it and so she kept on showing me till i got it. Then one of the mans that were running the activity showed me how to do the jellyfish and on the first time i did it i mucked it up and then on the second time i did it i got it right and so i was some proud of myself i enjoyed the whai. The last activity was korouro (knucklebones). I was good at the korouro but some things i needed to practicest,  i enjoyed doing the korouro. The man showed use  3 different activity to do with the korour. One of the activity i was not that good at but at then the other two i was really good.  I keep on practising the korouro so i can get better and better at it.

click here to see me doing a video of the jelly fish using whai (sting)
click here to see me doing a video of the waka using whai (string)

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