Saturday, 15 July 2017

Quick write.

                😺😺😺  The new kitten😺😺😺

One Saturday Anika, my dad and i are going to get my new kitten. we get to have lots of yummy snacks on the way there. It is in a town called Shannon, it is going to take us 2 hours to get there and back.
I have been calling it what ever is name is. it is a Bengal is a type of cat that you can train to take it for walks on a lead and go toilet on the real toilet. to do that you just put the litter box on the toilet. my dad is going to keep what ever its name is inside because it is a rare cat in hawks bay. On the way back home we get to hold it Maybe.

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  1. Wow!! that great that is the most greatest work I have ever seen.I really want to vote 100/100. there was a lot of detail on your work.your cat will look very cute and I didn't know it was rare too!