Saturday, 10 September 2016

Learning blog post

Hi and welcome to my blog. Today I am sharing my colour poem. I did it  about the colour green because I like the colour green.

First we had to choose a colour and then brain storm what we can do for it.
After we had done that we could  start.
here are some of the verbs and adverbs the ones with the ing on the end are verbs and the others are adverbs.


Green is the colour of...

The boogerman climbing softly out of a of my brother's nose                     

Summer paint splattered Quickly and Quietly on paper.

Delicious Broccoli crunching and munching in my mouth.

A fat whiteboard pen scribbling up and down and round and round on the whiteboard.

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  1. Well done Jordan You did a great job on your colour poem!!!