Wednesday, 7 September 2016


                               OUR DOG DEXTER!!!!!

Hi and welcome to my blog today I am sharing a story of how I got my dog.
One day after school I said to mum "where are we going?"  "Are we going home?" I said.  mum said"No we are going  to see a man about a dog". I said "No we are not because that is what you say". When we got there we opened the gate and I saw a husky and the we went round the corner there was doggy poop all on the lawn and the puppy came rushing  out the door and so mum picked him up and I picked up a girl but we could not get her. Dexter was $100. Dexter is the best dog I have ever had. 

Here is a photo

                         By Jordan Bainbridge-Ward


  1. Awwww! Dexter is so cute Jordan!
    I wish I had a dog. I love dogs. They are loving caring, and they understand basically everything.
    They are a mans best friends....And girls best friends too!
    Awesome blog post Jordan!
    Well Done!

    #LoveDogs :)

  2. awesome blog Jordan he is cute

  3. Well done Jordan You have such a beautiful dog
    I have a husky I bet your dog is quieter though!! ;D

  4. So cute. I have a dog like that. Her name is Becs, she's a Red kelpy crossed with a Chocolate lab. Well done Jordan. Keep up the great work!!!